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Our pressure pipe is manufactured in diameters and wall thicknesses for a wide range of pressures, for you to be sure to have the correct product for your project. Due to its advanced technology and low cost, our polyethylene duct is the best choice for fluid conduction, offering characteristics that outmatch the ones of traditional ducts.


Water Pressure Pipe is used in a variety of applications:

• Water
• Sewage
• Agriculture
• Industrial
• Mining
• Drainage
• Chemical Processes
• Industrial waste

Dura-Line´s pressure pipes are manufactured in high density polyethylene and are perfect to satisfy the most specific requirements of water and fluid transportation. We have a wide range of diameters that go from ½” to 24”...
Dura-Line´s pressure pipes are perfect for the irrigation and turf markets because they can be produced in special sizes for the specific needs of our clients. Also, the termofusion and electrofusion joints between pipes...